Idea #5 :: Hot Air Ballooning

There is something magically romantic in the notion of floating above the world amongst the clouds but remaining close enough that you can still feel the presence of others below.  I understand from pioneering travellers who have preceded me that it is very still and quiet at that altitude but you are not at such a great height that you feel disconnected from the wanderings-on below.

I find it extraordinary that ballooning, which has clearly been superseded as a means of transport, can hold such a fascination for me.  Perhaps because we live in a country that is so young and it is rare for us to experience the “old” as much as other countries.

Despite the name on the balloon above, I am no adrenalin junkie, in fact I have a healthy fear of being airborne.  It is time I took myself out of the comfort zone and lived a little, don’t you think?

Idea #5 :: Go hot air ballooning over the Yarra Ranges.

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Idea #4 :: Sisterly Lunch

I have three sisters.

Did you know that? Here we are, or should I say, were.

Three of us in a rare moment photographed together

Three of us in a rare moment photographed together

There were no candid (or otherwise) moments when all four of us were photographed together.

There were no candid (or otherwise) moments when all four of us were photographed together.

How about a lunch out with all four of us?  Sounds like a very good plan.

The date and venue are still To Be Confimed, but I am looking forward to it.

PS  :: Absolutely no correspondence shall be entered into regarding the attire.  From memory they were pink (a ghastly pink) – and to think our mum was a seamstress – clearly one on a budget.  What was she thinking?  I’m scarred (or is that scared) for life.

PPS :: In case you were wondering, I’m the blondie with the square head sandwiched between the two older ones, who were having what can only be described as an extremely bad hair day.   Although I must say that I do like their shoes.

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Idea #3 :: Join the Red Hat Society

As a 50-Something I can become a fully-fledged member of the Red Hat Society.  A respectable member who is eligible to wear a Red Hat and Purple Clothing.

Until then I can only become what it is seemingly “an honorary (read lightweight) member” where attendees are required to wear the watered-down attire of Pink hats and Mauve dresses – pfft!  Not one for doing things by halves I’m going to wait, and besides, my “local” brigade is presently closed to new members.  They might be ready to receive moi as a member when the time comes.

Clearly it’s worth waiting for the big ‘un to join.  I’m in no hurry….

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Idea #2 :: Coffee Dates

There is a growing list of places that I’ve always wanted to visit, but haven’t done so, for various reasons (laziness comes to mind). I suppose I should just go to them now instead of waiting until I turn 50 …. good idea. In the event that it doesn’t happen, I’d like to have a number of coffee dates with different friends.

Cafe de Beaumarchais

Top of my list is to take my daughter here, Beaumarchais, which sits nicely at the top of Mount Dandenong in the European-inspired town of Sassafras.

Future posts will detail other attractive locations for the Coffee Date.  PS: I actually don’t drink the stuff all that often; I’m a T-Girl.  It’s just a turn of phrase we’ve come to use isn’t it?

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Idea #1

Actually this will encompass seven days all at once.

During my 7 week journey, I would love to employ a housekeeper to clean my home for me. One day each week.

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