Idea #5 :: Hot Air Ballooning

There is something magically romantic in the notion of floating above the world amongst the clouds but remaining close enough that you can still feel the presence of others below.  I understand from pioneering travellers who have preceded me that it is very still and quiet at that altitude but you are not at such a great height that you feel disconnected from the wanderings-on below.

I find it extraordinary that ballooning, which has clearly been superseded as a means of transport, can hold such a fascination for me.  Perhaps because we live in a country that is so young and it is rare for us to experience the “old” as much as other countries.

Despite the name on the balloon above, I am no adrenalin junkie, in fact I have a healthy fear of being airborne.  It is time I took myself out of the comfort zone and lived a little, don’t you think?

Idea #5 :: Go hot air ballooning over the Yarra Ranges.

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